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June 2020 in Los Angeles has gotten off to a brutal start. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, homicides spiked in the first week of the month. The LAPD reported that homicides increased astronomically, up by 250% from the previous week. Victims of gunshot injuries also rose. There were 56% more gunshot cases from the last day in May to June 6. On Tuesday, June 9, the police said that there were four shooting incidents and one of the victims in the shooting crime died.

So far, there have been no explanations given as to why the drastic increase in violent crimes has been seen in the city. The LAPD did not comment on if the increased crime was a result of easing restrictions put forth during the pandemic. However, when the city’s residents were told to stay at home at the beginning of the pandemic and businesses were forced to shut their doors, a notable decrease in crime took place.

Michel Moore, the LAPD Chief noted in April that there was a 23% drop in crime when the stay-at-home order was executed. The decrease was compared with the amount of crime that took place in 2019 at the same time. Moore explained that having people stay at their homes, distance themselves from each other, and limit their activities to only those that are necessary were all a part of why there was less crime and the city was safer. Now that more people are venturing out it would seem like there is a connection between the lessened restrictions and the crime rate, however that correlation has not been formally confirmed by officials. Time will tell if crime in Los Angeles will continue to trend upward as businesses and the community reopens.

The easing of restrictions was not only followed by a marked increase in crime, but also in new coronavirus cases. Currently, official data show that there are over 65,000 confirmed cases recorded since the virus took hold in Los Angeles. Of all the confirmed cases, more than 2,700 deaths from the virus have been declared.

Homicide in Los Angeles

How is homicide defined? Los Angeles says that homicide is the killing of one person by another. Data from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health reports that homicide is the second leading reason behind premature death and the 20th cause of death overall Los Angeles. In fact, every year for over 10 years homicide was a leading cause in premature death significantly impacting younger individuals.

In 2013 for example, the number one reason why LA County residents aged 15 years-old to 24 years-old lost their lives that year was because of homicide. Across the country, men lose their lives at a higher rate to homicide than do their female counterparts. The same is true for L.A. with men having a 10 times higher rate of death from homicide than women. Overwhelmingly, the homicides that are reported are not a result of self-defense.

Have You Been Arrested for Homicide In Los Angeles?

There are a multitude of reasons that lead a person to take another’s life. Studies suggest that lack of access to quality education, inability to obtain gainful employment, and previous sexual or physical abuse in an individual’s life put them at increased risk for involvement in violent situations, including homicide.

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