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Los Angeles Police Department Looking for Gunman that Ambushed Two Officers

The Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies which were shot in what was called an ambush on Saturday night, August 12, still have no suspect in custody. Both victims were rapidly rushed to the emergency room at St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood. Each of the officers required emergency surgery from the gunshot wounds they endured. As a result of the action by the unidentified gunman, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has announced that there is a $100,000 reward for anyone who can identify or provide information about the suspect that shot the two authorities.

The incident was unprovoked and the suspect shot multiple bullets at the deputies as they sat idly in their patrol cars at a Metro rail station in Compton. Compton is located just a bit south of the city of Los Angeles. According to video surveillance, the suspect casually approached the patrol car, and then pulled out a gun which he or she then began opening fire on the officers inside the car. After many rounds were fired on the cops, the suspect ran off. The only identifying characteristics of the suspect was that the individual was a male, aged 28 to 30 years, who wore dark clothing and the suspect was also said to have dark skin.

The deputies did not die at the scene and were actually able to radio for assistance. One of the deputies shot was a 31-year-old female and the other was a 24-year-old- male. The female deputy that was shot has a six-year-old son and a husband. The 24-year old deputy had a girlfriend and parents that came to the hospital. Both law enforcement officials recently graduated fo the police academy according to Sheriff Alex Villanueva. Villanueva also said that the attack was cowardly.

Surveillance video was released of the shooting incident. When the officers were taken to the emergency room, protestors came and screamed that they wished the officers would die. Deputies arrested two individuals, one was a female reporter they say did not have the proper credentials. The reporter who was arrested was later released after a couple of hours. The LAPD is asking the public for help identifying the shooter in this case. All information will be anonymous.

What is the State of the Deputies Who Were Shot?

According to the most recent reports, the deputies have both made it through surgery. The reports also say that both individuals are in stable condition. This heavily publicized event has led to Alex Villanueva asking Lebron James to match the reward money used to motivate the public to identify the suspect. Vanessa Bryant came out and said that the LAPD didn’t protect sensitive information in her husband’s plane crash.

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