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KTLA is reporting that a man who previously worked in a Los Angeles marijuana warehouse was conspiring with a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputy to plan a $2 million armed robbery. The man, identified as Christopher Myung Kim, a 30-year old from Walnut had a grudge against the owners of the warehouse where he worked after a dispute.
After the argument, Kim began plotting and scheming with Deputy Marc Antrim, 42. Together, the two wanted to gain a profit and obtain revenge against the warehouse owners who had a contentious relationship with Kim. Kim divulged all the details of the warehouse operations including its layout and its security system including where guards are located and where the most valuable inventory is located.
The plan went into effect in the morning on October 29, 2018. Antrim used his position as an L.A. Sheriff’s Department to issue a fake search warrant at the warehouse. He was accompanied by six other individuals who were posing as police officers wearing the appropriate garb with holstered handguns.
According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, they were effective in gaining entry into the warehouse. The guards were held in the back of a department vehicle for 2 hours while Antrim and his fake cop friends robbed the warehouse. The crooked cop and his accomplices were able to steal $600,000 in cash and money orders, over a half-ton of marijuana, in combination with many other items of high value. They provided
Kim with over $1.5 million to sell.
It wasn’t until an attorney associated with the warehouse questioned the situation and called the Sheriff’s Department. After an investigation, Kim was arrested and found guilty of conspiracy to distribute marijuana, possession with the intention to distribute marijuana, conspiracy against rights, deprivation of rights, and brandishing a firearm. Kim was ultimately sentenced to serve 14 years in prison and was fined $500,00.
Antrim was also arrested and when charged he pleaded guilty to many felonies. He explained his and Kim’s entire plan to commit the robbery to authorities. Antrim will have his sentencing on April 13. As for the other individuals that were involved in the crime, five pleaded guilty to criminal charges and are awaiting sentencing.
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