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The killing of George Floyd has caused an avalanche of protests across the nation. Los Angeles is no stranger when it comes to massive protesting that turns violent. For four days demonstrators engaged in the destruction of police vehicles, violence, looting, and quarreled with officers. This mayhem prompted Mayor Eric Garcetti to both impose a citywide curfew and call the National Guard for assistance. The Mayor said he asked for up to 700 members of the National Guard to help and reinforce the 10,000 L.A. police officers on the ground dealing with the riots.

According to Mayor Garcetti, the additional troops were coming to help maintain peace and safety on the streets. Many businesses were damaged and dozens of fires were ablaze keeping the local firefighters very busy putting out the flames. The area near the Grove, a heavily frequented high-end outdoor mall took a brunt of the damages. Rioters threw objects including rocks at officers and broke into and stole from the stores. One officer sustained a fractured skull as a result of being hit by the flying objects.

Community leaders have publicly denounced the violent actions and behaviors that took over the protests. L.A. County Supervisor Janice Hahn said she supports the cause and message of peaceful protests and believes it is important to stand together in solidarity but asks the community to not resort to violence that destroys the city. The aftermath of the city’s history of race riots with Watts in 1965 and Rodney King in 1992, was extremely painful.

Los Angeles is not the only city in California to experience massive outbreaks of civil unrest. From San Diego to San Francisco, public eruptions of destructiveness, civil discord, and turmoil have been taking place. In San Francisco, Mayor London Breed initiated a curfew and has the National Guard on standby. Violence on Friday night left 13 officers injured in Oakland. After a dumpster was set on fire in the street, officers sent tear gas into the crowd. The violence in Oakland caused the city of Emeryville which is nearby to issue a shelter-in-place order.

Were You Arrested In A California Riot?

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