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On Thursday, June 18 in the Studio City area of the San Fernando Valley, a shooting took place. One man was injured as a result of the shooting and another man died. According to the police the incident took place behind a Los Angeles grocery store in a parking lot late in the evening.

The Los Angeles Police Department said that the incident was a drive-by shooting. The two male victims were standing by a car when a gray vehicle approached. Gunfire then erupted from the gray car. Multiple rounds were fired at the two men. When first responders including the LAPD and firefighters transported the victims to the local hospital for treatment.

As of Friday, one man was said to be in stable condition. The other man was identified only as a 50-year-old from Canoga Park, who ultimately lost his life. The authorities did not provide any more details regarding the gray vehicles or descriptions of the shooters. After the victims were transported to the hospital, detectives searched the area for witnesses, information, and any video surveillance that may have captured the incident.

Drive-By Shootings in Los Angeles

Studies looking at the effects of drive-by shootings show that they are a significant source of early death for young children and adolescents in Los Angeles. One study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine looked at gang information from the Los Angeles Police Department. Files on all the drive-by shootings that took place in 1991 where children were involved and affected were examined.

The study found that 677 adolescents and children were shot that year. Out of all of these young people who were shot at, 429 were wounded by the bullets and 36 died from their injuries. Limbs such as the arms and legs of the victims were the most commonly hit by bullets and injured. Handguns were used most of all in the shootings.

The grand majority, approximately 97% of the shooting victims that died were boys of African American or Hispanic backgrounds. These two races, especially when they were affiliated with a street gang, lost their lives or were injured by drive-by shootings at a far higher rate than Asian or white children and adolescents.

The study concluded its findings by indicating that drive-by shootings where children are negatively involved occurred quite frequently in Los Angeles. It is important to understand why violent street gangs assemble. What causes a gang to form and what causes members to be drawn to the gang and join are also necessary to understand. It is also helpful to explore what preventative measures can be taken to avoid violence.

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