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Opening statements in the New York real-estate heir Robert Durst’s murder trial took place on Wednesday, March 4. Over 100 witnesses are expected to be called by Los Angeles prosecutors to prove their case that Robert Durst murdered his good friend Susan Berman. Durst was arrested for the murder of Susan Berman in 2015.

The Details Of The Robert Durst Case

On December 24, 2000, Susan Berman’s lifeless body was found in her home. It was determined that she was shot in the back of her head. The Deputy District Attorney, John Lewin explained that he was going to present evidence showing that Berman willingly let the person who killed her into her home showing that she knew who the individual was. He would provide evidence that Berman wasn’t afraid of her killer enough to turn her back to the individual.
Robert Durst’s first wife, Kathleen Durst, mysteriously disappeared in 1982. According to Lewin, their marriage was not a balanced one. The Deputy D.A. is accusing Robert of cheating repeatedly on Kathleen and only providing her with a small amount of money to live on. After she decided to go to medical school, Robert refused to help her pay for it and stopped providing her with any money. Authorities previously investigated Durst’s role in his wife’s disappearance but he was never charged with her murder, and Kathleen’s body was never found.
The prosecution allege that Robert Durst killed Susan Berman to prevent her from telling the authorities the truth about his missing wife Kathleen. Berman was in the process of meeting with investigators regarding the disappearance of Kathleen Durst but was killed before that meeting took place. Susan Berman’s body was found lying face up in her Beverly Hills home surrounded by a pool of blood.
Berman and Durst were very close friends for many years. It is alleged that Berman helped Robert through developing an alibi once Kathleen went missing. Robert Durst’s lawyers are arguing that he did not commit the murder of Berman and he does not know who did.
Police found Berman’s body after they found a note with her address and the word “cadaver.” A note Durst sent to Berman was recovered and the handwriting was similar to the cadaver note. In addition, both notes had Berman’s address misspelled using “Beverley” instead of “Beverly” for her Beverly Hills home.

Robert Durst’s History Of Violence And Murder

In 2001, Durst was charged with the murder of Morris Black. Black was Durst’s neighbor in Galveston, Texas. Although Durst admitted to shooting Black, he said it was in self-defense and he was found not guilty. Durst confessed that he cut up the man’s body and dumped it in the sea.

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