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Three transgender individuals were victimized in a hate crime on Los Angeles’ own famed Hollywood Boulevard and now police have two suspects in custody. One man was captured on video yelling offensive insults at a transgender individual and then assaulting them with a bottle while also robbing the victim. There were others who witnessed the crime and these individuals did not intervene. Instead, they filmed the attack and laughed about it. The main culprit was identified by officers as a Hollywood-based homeless male who had prior encounters with law enforcement.

After the alleged crime occurred, Carlton Callway was arrested and charged with robbery and hate crime, and Willie Walker was arrested and charged with extortion. A third suspect remains at large. Davion Williams will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon when found. The Los Angeles Police Department saw a video of the incident and recognized the main offender immediately.

The LAPD was well aware of the suspect and when there was clear video footage, it was an easy identification. They then went into action trying to locate him. They utilized many helpful tools to do so such as Twitter and Instagram. According to the victims, they were approached by the suspect inside a store where he said he would purchase products for them. When it was time to pay, he refused to do so. After their encounter with the suspect in the store, the suspect came at the victims with a crowbar and said that he would kill them if they didn’t give him all of their valuable possessions.

The suspect physically took hold of one of the transgender individuals and began walking to locate some of the victim’s other friends who were also transgender. The suspect allegedly wanted to kill transgender people. Once the victim was able to flee the hold of the suspect, the suspect found one of her friends and began to hit her with a bottle and yell insulting comments at her. The suspect then went on to rob two other transgender individuals. According to the victims, many people surrounded them and yelled out anti-transgender slurs while the victims begged for anyone to help by calling 911.

What is the Average Police Response Time to Calling 911?

The response time of the police depends on what you are calling about and where you are located. In Los Angeles, the city has one of the most responsive police actions with the average time for police to arrive at the scene in 5.7 minutes. This may seem like a long period of time, and depending on the situation it could be for a victim. However, when compared to other large cities, this response time is quite rapid.

Obtain Criminal Legal Representation in Los Angeles Today

In California, hate crimes are considered misdemeanors that can come with a hefty fine and jail time. The penalties for robbery can also result in jail time. The stakes are high when you are arrested for a crime in the state and it is essential that you have the Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys at the Manshoory Law Group, APC representing your best interests.

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